Rendering request would use 221842KB, whilst the maximum memory allowed is 204800KB


We have an issue with geoserver when rendering polyilne data in WMS from an PostGIS layer.
The issue is that on some scales the data isn't showed and on other scales it is.
When not showed we get the error as mentioned in the summyary.
I know we can increase the amount of memory that can be used for rendering.
But the strange thing is that the data that is rendered is very small.
Our Question is why does GeoServer uses so much memory for rendering small data (only 4321 features).

Some background information
We have an semi automated proces that transforms DWG data into PostGIS. We do this with FME. At transform time we als create dynamicly the SLD for presentation in GeoServer.
The SLD is simple it only represents the layers in use inside the DWG with an standaard stroke en color. The color is the same as the layercolor of the DWG.
So that representation in GeoServer is the same as in AutoCAD.
We can now increase the memory setting inside GeoServer. But we are concerned that this is not an permantly fix.
That's why we want to know if we can somehow prevent the memoryusage of GeoServer.
If there's something wrong with the generated SLD please let me know.
But I think it could also be an BUG inside GeoServer.
For analysis I send the SLD and backup of the PostGIS table.






Tibor du Crocq



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