Layer Group SLD ChannelSelection issue


Dear All,

I have an Imagemosaic Layer with 4 Bands with RGB band-combination 3,2,1. I have an SLD style (name=truecolor) set up with <ChannelSelection><Red/Blue/GreenChannel>.

This Layer is displayed correctly when opening the WMS link, but when its within a Layer Group, the Band combination set in the SLD is not used, instead its the same output as using "style=raster", which makes an RGBA out of it.

Of course I set the style in the Layer Group correctly.

The log says:
Styles = [StyleImpl[ name=truecolor], StyleImpl[ name=raster_scale_dependent]]

There is no Error message.

The SLD style (name=truecolor):

Steps to reproduce (via Interface):

1. Add the quicklook file as GeoTiff Store and Publish with style=raster.
2. Put the fullres file into a folder and add the folder as Imagemosaic, publish with the style from above.
3. Create a LayerGroup and add these 2 Layers.
4. Preview Layers individually * => works as expected.
5. Preview LayerGroup * => Channel Selection from SLD for the Imagemosaic is not working, showing the Layer as RGBA.

  • fullres layer is shown only at scale < 1.000.000

All Settings left default.
Tested on blank GeoServer 2.11.0


Windows 10
Tomcat 7.0.72
JDK 1.8.0_101


Andrea Aime


Tobia Di Pisa


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