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KML/KMZ Broken: export swapped east/west. import in QGIS is invalid.


(This is a Follow up for a Geoserver-devel thread that I created. Brad & Andrea, thanks for your help)

I'm trying to get a KMZ (KML compressed) file from Geoserver (2.12.1 or Master) and load it in QGIS (2.18.x or Master).

The problem can be reproduced with a fresh Geoserver platform independent zip installation (Master or 2.12.1, same results) as follows:

Layer Preview-> nurc:Img_Sample -> Select KML (compressed)
unzip nurc-Img_Sample.kmz. you will get wms.kml (attached) and a png raster.

Please note in this KML file:
which is wrong because it should be swapped as west should be <east.

if you open this KML/KMZ in Google Earth Pro it works just fine even tough this error.
I guess it just assumes that west<east and just swaps it internally.

Open this KML in QGIS (2.18.x or Master, same results) you will get a blank square instead of the raster.

fixing wms.kml to load in QGIS:

edit wms.kml as follows:
Remove the following 4 lines: <Document> </Document> <Folder> </Folder>
I'm didn't read the KML spec, but As Andrea kindly noted, this might be a QGIS limitation.
Save as wms1.kml (attached).
load it with QGIS, you will get the raster but horizontally swapped. I guess QGIS interperate east<west as swapped image, and doesn't assume that the values should be swapped, I'm not sure which of those error handling is 'correct'.
I will report this issue to qgis-devel list.

edit wms1.kml as follows:
swap east-west
Save as wms2.kml (attached).
wms2.kml loads perfectly fine in QGIS.

Note that all 3 files load correctly in Google Earth Pro.





Brad Hards


Idan Miara



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