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We have a layer (shapefile) with a number of classes as indicated be the field entitled gs. In at least one instance, two points are in the identical location. For some reason, only one of the points was drawing. We tried multiple approaches, such as using multiple <FeatureTypeStyle> tags and ordering the rules in the SLD in the desired drawing order. We also tried using the <VendorOption name="sortBy">gs D</VendorOption> tags, but this also didn't work, nor did setting transparency.

After several messages with Andrea Aime on the GeoServer-User listserv, he recommended we submit a bug report.

Since, we have continued to try to solve the issue, but the problems persist. Interestingly, when we regenerate the shapefile but order it descending based on an appropriate attribute field, we get the desired results. While this is great for this single instance, we fear there may be other instances. Additionally, the shapefile is regenerated every night as these are very dynamic data.

I am including two shapefiles, one called well_subset_asc and the other well_subset_desc. Each is a tiny subset of the full dataset, containing only three features. I am also including the original SLD (but truncated for the three features in the shapefiles). This doesn't include the individuals <FeatureTypeStyle> or vendor options. Lastly, the zip file includes three SVG graphics we are using in the SLD.

When I use the SLD on the well_subset_asc, only one of the three points draws. When I use it on the well_subset_desc layer, two of the three points draw, but in this instance, the appropriate point we want to draw when the points are "stacked."

Below are GetMap calls for each:



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Windows (this is an issue both on a local Windows 10 box and a Windows Server. I don't manage the Windows server, so I do not know the OS version).




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