Uploading Geojson format to geonode 2.10.1, not all records in the features gets uploaded


Uploading Geojson format to geonode 2.10.1, not all items in features gets uploaded. Have observed that -

  1. If geojson layer has more than 30 fields, then records that get displayed are closest to multiple of 30.
    For example if layer has 72 records, 60 get uploaded and displayed as part of layer, 12 get discarded.

  2. If layer has less than 30 records, even if it 29, it does not get reflected as records in Geonode.

  3. If layer has less than 30 records, say 4, and if i copy paste the records to make it to 30 records or more than 30 records, then the layer records are uploaded to Geonode, though there is a duplication in records.

It seems that the processing is happening on batches of 30 records. I uploaded the file using Update Layer option present in Geonode Front End. For the same layer, the shape file format has all the records in the layer. The same geojson file on opening in online tool http://geojson.io shows all the records in it.


Importing Geojson files to GeoServer 2.15.2, have observed that

  1. Records less than 30 do not have correct values in Bounding boxes. See attachment records-less-than-30-boundingboxeshavenovalidvalues.png.

  2. Records with multiple of 30 have correct values in bounding boxes. See attachment records-30-boundingboxeshavevalidvalues.png.


Attachment Geojson files -

Files with records 30 or multiple of 30

  1. bms_maize_4plots_buffered_to_30_A.geojson

  2. bms_maize_4plots_buffered_to_30.geojson

  3. study001_ins00_Sept5_Buffer_90records_withoutmatchingrecords.geojson

  4. study001_ins00_Sept5_Buffer_90records.geojson

  5. trial-7thsept-30Records.geojson

  6. trial-7thsept-60Records.geojson

File with records not equal to 30 (or multiple of 30)

  1. trial-7thsept-15Records.geojson

  2. trial-7thsept-20Records.geojson

  3. trial-7thsept-20Records.geojson





vijay raghunath
September 9, 2019, 1:54 AM

Reporting as Geoserver Issue following discussion at

Suspect that batch processing of 30 records at a time is an issue with Geoserver processing.

All geojson files are dealing with Polygon Geometry with "urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326" projection.




vijay raghunath



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