No PointSymbolizers are rendered when Shapefile resides in a JAR.


No PointSymbolizers are rendered in the JMapPane when the Shape resides in a JAR.

This only occures since GT 2.4.4. A workarround is to switch the gt2-render-2.4.4.jar against gt2-render-2.4.2.jar. Then all works fine again.

I access the data by creating a DataStore from an URL that i get via a
ClassLoader... In the "JAR scenario" these URLs point to a .shp in a JAR...

When i pack the data in JARs i can start the application, but NO PointSymbols
are rendered! Line and Polygone are rendered. When I pack it in JavaWebStart
also no PointSymbols..other geometrys are all renderd. TextSymbolizers for
the points are rendered.

No exceptions are thrown!

1. I am sure, that the SHP files are imported successfully and the SLD is
imported successfully.
VIa debugging I checked that the correct Style-Object exists in the MapLayer during
runtime and i can click the invisible points with my "info" tool. So
the data and styles are loaded in the MapContext.
Even the graphics.draw(..) method is executed in the class. But i don't see any
points in the map!

When i simply unzip the data jars and put the direcory into the classpath (instead
of the JAR) it works fine.

It did try different PointSymbolizers .. i am trying it with most simple MARK
graphics at the moment. But as mentioned above... it works as soon as i
unpack the JAR or switch back to gt-renderer-2.4.2.jar

So if anybody has any ideas why the PointPymbolizer breaks or acts differently
in the JAR scenario with 2.4.4...

I looked at the differences in the code between gt-renderer-2.4.2.jar and gt-renderer-2.4.4.jar but i didn't find anything that could explain the problem.

I think this bug can be pretty evil if it moves up to 2.5. I am willing to help/test if any GT2 developer that is more experienced than i am contacts me. Skype: alfonx or krueger et










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