docs pom packaging breaks Eclipse integration and causes Java non-compilation


On 15 May in r37194 "Speedup repeated doc builds", Andrea changed packaging for docs from jar to pom. This saves a little time in the build (in addition to the huge repeated-build speedup implemented by Andrea), but prevents mvn eclipse:eclipse from processing the module (it will not process projects with pom packaging). Furthermore, with pom packaging, the Java in docs is not compiled. This defeats the purpose of having Java in the module, and having declared dependencies in the project pom. Compiling the Java is important because it detects errors and gives docs developers the ability to test their examples in Eclipse.

"mvn -o clean install" takes about 47 seconds for jar versus about 43 seconds for pom packaging. On #geotools I asked Andrea if I could revert to jar packaging at the cost of an extra four seconds; Andrea did not support this change. But things are not quite this bad: most of the extra time is taken "Compiling 69 source files" and a little for building and installing the jars.

We can skip the java compilation by not using clean. Once an initial build has been made:
"mvn -o install" takes about 9.3 seconds for jar versus about 8.3 seconds for pom packaging.

We can skip the jar building by running the compile target instead:
"mvn -o compile" takes about 7.8 seconds for jar versus about 6.6 seconds for pom packaging.

So what I'm really asking for is an extra 1.2 seconds per "mvn -o compile" so we can get Eclipse integration and Java compilation working again.










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