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  1. GEOT-5500

Extra marks needed for QGIS interoperability


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    • Fix Version/s: 16.1, 17-beta
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      In order to interoperate with QGis SLD export we need a few more "well known" symbols, e.g., ones without a prefix. Full QGis list here:

            Square, /*!< Square */
            Diamond, /*!< Diamond */
            Pentagon, /*!< Pentagon */
            Hexagon, /*!< Hexagon */
            Triangle, /*!< Triangle */
            EquilateralTriangle, /*!< Equilateral triangle*/
            Star, /*!< Star*/
            Arrow, /*!< Arrow*/
            Circle, /*!< Circle*/
            Cross, /*!< Cross (lines only)*/
            CrossFill, /*!< Solid filled cross*/
            Cross2, /*!< Rotated cross (lines only), "x" shape*/
            Line, /*!< Vertical line*/
            ArrowHead, /*!< Right facing arrow head (unfilled, lines only)*/
            ArrowHeadFilled, /*!< Right facing filled arrow head*/
            SemiCircle, /*!< Semi circle (top half)*/
            ThirdCircle, /*!< One third circle (top left third)*/
            QuarterCircle, /*!< Quarter circle (top left quarter)*/
            QuarterSquare, /*!< Quarter square (top left quarter)*/
            HalfSquare, /*!< Half square (left half)*/
            DiagonalHalfSquare, /*!< Diagonal half square (bottom left half)*/
            RightHalfTriangle, /*!< Right half of triangle*/
            LeftHalfTriangle, /*!< Left half of triangle*/

      And then we need "horline" for the line pattern fill.

      QGIS GeoServer Final Reference Tested
      cross CONFLICT qgis://cross shape://plus yes
      star CONFLICT qgis://star new squashed star yes
      triangle CONFLICT qgis://triangle new tall triangle yes
      arrow CONFLICT qgis://arrow new up-arrow yes
      cross2   qgis://cross2 and cross2 shape://times yes
      rectangle   qgis://rectangle and rectangle square yes
      circle circle qgis://circle circle yes
      diamond   qgis://diamond diamond (New Shape) yes
      pentagon   qgis://pentagon pentagon (New Shape) yes
      equilateral_triangle   qgis://equilateral_triangle OR equilateral_triangle triangle yes
      regular_star   qgis://regular_star OR regular_star star yes
      line   qgis://line OR line shape://vertline yes
      arrowhead   qgis://arrowhead OR arrowhead shape://oarrow yes
      filled_arrowhead   qgis://filled_arrowhead OR filled_arrowhead shape://carrow yes
      CrossFill   qgis://crossfill OR crossfill new filled cross yes
      DiagonalHalfSquare   qgis://diagonalhalfsquare OR diagonalhalfsquare new diagonalhalfsquare yes
      HalfSquare   qgis://halfsquare OR halfsquare new halfsquare yes
      Hexagon   qgis://hexagon OR hexagon new hexagon yes
      LeftHalfTriangle   qgis://lefthalftriangle OR lefthalftriangle new lefthalftriangle yes
      QuarterCircle   qgis://quartercircle OR quartercircle new quartercircle yes
      QuarterSquare   qgis://quartersquare OR quartersquare new quartersquare yes
      RightHalfTriangle   qgis://righthalftriangle OR righthalftriangle new righthalftriangle yes
      SemiCircle   qgis://semicircle OR semicircle new semicircle yes
      ThirdCircle   qgis://thirdcircle OR thirdcircle new thirdcircle yes


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