PostGIS WKB XYZM data works with WMS, breaks WFS output formats


This is an interesting one, data was loaded into PostGIS via FME or similar workflow, it is perfectly valid WKB.

WMS works fine as it makes use of ST_Force2D when accessing.

WFS does not work out quite so well, data of the form:

Comes out in GeoJSON, GML2, GML3 as:

The fix should be to pay attention to the geometry dimension and compare / contrast with srs dimension to detect if measures are used.




James Hughes
July 27, 2018, 7:59 PM

do we need to sort out the JTS WKTReader with support for M to address this?

Andrea Aime
July 28, 2018, 12:47 PM

Observations for GML:

  • This probably needs to be handled like Z, we declare a 2D CRS but advertise coordinate dimensions as 3, here we should do 4

  • In case it's a XYM I believe we should force XYZM in output, otherwise there is no way to know if the third is a M or a Z (this is also the approach suggested by classic GeoJSON)

  • There are 3 code paths for encoding GML, classic and fast GML2 encoder, "fast" encoding path for GML3+ (used only for simple features), and classic and dreadfully slow GML3+ encoding path (used by complex features)... they all need to be updated

Observations for GeoJSON:

  • In the "classic GeoJSON" output that we have in WFS core we should probably force a XYZM interpretation whenever there is an M

  • In the "RFC compliant GeoJSON" output format available in the wfs3 community module I guess one should do only XYZ, the spec if memory serves me well states the M is to be ignored, unless there is an agreement between client and server about it... which could be represented by a vendor option to enable M output.

As an observation, there should be a way to recognize that the ordinate is an M somewhere (e.g., in the GeometryDescriptor user data for example, or by using a particular coordinate sequence), care should be used not to break performance optimizations for the M-less cases (pretty please, lots of work went into them... I believe they are in the WMS code paths only, but cannot be sure)

Nuno Oliveira
August 16, 2018, 10:29 AM


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