PostGIS tests need to be rewritten


With the demise of (the former postgis_test database), we've lost the ability to perform tests on the PostGIS plugin (most tests are disabled). Refractions will be hosting the replacement PostGIS implementation, but without the original data from feathers, the tests will need to rewritten and/or database populated.

Jody wrote:

"We lost the geotools test server (called feathers) some months ago, so
PostGIS QA tests have not been run for a while. I have started setting
up some new read only tests, and we have connection information for a
scratch database we can use for read/write tests.

We have backed out the changes that caused the Feature Type problems, it
sounds like there is also a BBox problem for WMS that I have not heard
more details about.

So what I really should do is ask for help ... the database connection
information is here:
-< ->
-< ->
-< ->

1. We can port the PostGisDataStoreAPI test over to
(so it will only run against a local postgis install?)
2. PostgisDataStoreTest against geotools-test.fixture
3. Create some kind of PostgisDataStoreReadonly test against

Once again if anyone can find the contents that used to be on feathers
it will save us rewriting PostgisDataStoreTest.
> We already have problems reading a large layer (always in post gis)
> because some features doesn´t appears reading from Geoserver (simple
> getmap request), but those features appears when reading using another
> software (UDIG reading directly from postgis) this problem was using
> RC2 release.
UDIG has its own subclass of the PostGIS DataStore, it was my attempt to
merge the optimizations back to geotools that created these problems (should not of even tried without test cases)."




April 10, 2015, 2:58 PM

CodeHaus Comment From: jdeolive - Time: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:26:27 -0500
90% tests pass now, however i still had to disable some of the transaction tests, not sure if they are written correctly, if jody could have a look at them that would be great.

April 10, 2015, 2:58 PM

CodeHaus Comment From: aaime - Time: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 02:56:24 -0600
Mass closing all issues that have been in "resolved" state for 2 months or more without any feedback or update