Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.4.7 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4943] - /geoserver/accessDenied.jsp not found
  • [GEOS-5545] - Two different SLD's that seem to be connected
  • [GEOS-6109] - CAS login request exposes internal server URL
  • [GEOS-6110] - CAS logout request is incorrect
  • [GEOS-6414] - WMS-T time range query incorrect
  • [GEOS-6440] - Advanced projection handling is not enabled in WMS 1.3
  • [GEOS-6471] - GetFeatureWithLock expiry is not parsed when using WFS 1.1 POST requests
  • [GEOS-6493] - WFS GetFeature with feature bounds enabled can leak connections
  • [GEOS-6501] - Links in workspace specific WPS GetCapabilities are incorrect
  • [GEOS-6503] - WPS won't work with workspace specific urls, a 404 is returned
  • [GEOS-6504] - If one of the top level service configuration files fails to load, the whole startup fails


  • [GEOS-6537] - Improve documentation about JNDI connection pool configuration


  • [GEOS-6465] - autoWrap should count "(" as being within the same string

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