Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6002] - The GetFeatureInfo code is not taking into account the uom rescaling
  • [GEOS-6187] - wfs2 + resultType=hits + maxFeatures returns bad numberMatched
  • [GEOS-6211] - Assorted CSS documentation glitches
  • [GEOS-6362] - WMS cascading fails if layers are secured and logging is set to verbose
  • [GEOS-6373] - Persisters fails writing temporary file
  • [GEOS-6378] - CAS extension throws exception in case of empty URL params
  • [GEOS-6381] - Missing user roles if using Authkey Authentication Filter
  • [GEOS-6387] - VectorRenderingLayerIdentifier will return the same feature multiple times, if there are multiple rules in the SLD matching it
  • [GEOS-6391] - Unable to get 5x5 test coverage when configuring a layer with footprint in some cases.
  • [GEOS-6394] - importer cannot handle jagged geojson


  • [GEOS-6393] - Addition of documentation about Footprint management


  • [GEOS-5027] - ST_Simplify in the PostGIS driver for performance
  • [GEOS-5160] - Unable to use viewParams in wfs post request
  • [GEOS-6380] - Update JNDI tutorial

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