Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.5.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4834] - Animated GIF do not properly support transparency
  • [GEOS-4943] - /geoserver/accessDenied.jsp not found
  • [GEOS-5318] - cross-site scripting vulnerability in layer preview pages
  • [GEOS-5545] - Two different SLD's that seem to be connected
  • [GEOS-5676] - Add information about strong cryptography installation in the user guide
  • [GEOS-6385] - Rendering-based GetFeatureInfo does not work properly against polygons stroked but not filled
  • [GEOS-6386] - Problems with SQL-Views in PostGIS
  • [GEOS-6441] - Geometries jumping the dateline generate reprojection artifacts on datum shift
  • [GEOS-6476] - Animate reflector request fails due to NPE in WMS-EO Plugin
  • [GEOS-6493] - WFS GetFeature with feature bounds enabled can leak connections
  • [GEOS-6501] - Links in workspace specific WPS GetCapabilities are incorrect
  • [GEOS-6503] - WPS won't work with workspace specific urls, a 404 is returned
  • [GEOS-6504] - If one of the top level service configuration files fails to load, the whole startup fails
  • [GEOS-6548] - Java 7 Security Policy
  • [GEOS-6549] - CSS Module takes a long time to Submit on certain CSS (Weird Issue)
  • [GEOS-6552] - GeoServer WPS python script does not work for Layer results
  • [GEOS-6564] - WCS GranuleStack for mosaic contains duplicate entries
  • [GEOS-6575] - Rapid Concurrent REST usage can invalidate DataStore still being used
  • [GEOS-6582] - GeoServer fails to report the current process task in the status response

New Feature

  • [GEOS-6514] - Restrict MIME types for WMS GetMap and GetFeatureInfo requests


  • [GEOS-6537] - Improve documentation about JNDI connection pool configuration
  • [GEOS-6577] - Update imageio-ext version referred in the docs
  • [GEOS-6580] - OWS Dispatcher log could be improved


  • [GEOS-6541] - Document usage of transformation functions in CSS
  • [GEOS-6569] - Support booleans in MapJSONFormat

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