Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.5.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5149] - WFS 2.0 spatial join failed
  • [GEOS-5312] - CSV WFS output format doesn't deal with Windows newlines
  • [GEOS-5486] - Poor text with java 7 and Transparency
  • [GEOS-5571] - GwcSettingsPage WicketException if the user adds a new standard gridset
  • [GEOS-5996] - The GeoJSON outputs the legacy crs syntax
  • [GEOS-6186] - Some files that should probably reside in GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR are placed in working directory
  • [GEOS-6323] - Take ND coverages dimensions into account when checking size limits
  • [GEOS-6379] - Unable to add new default gridsets
  • [GEOS-6489] - Reading SLD by REST changes attribute value breaks geoserver on update
  • [GEOS-6502] - stroke-Dasharray style partially breaks WMS getfeatureinfo
  • [GEOS-6519] - WPS not enabling in workspace
  • [GEOS-6529] - NullPointerException in AdvancedDispatchFilter, seen when geoserver-monitoring included
  • [GEOS-6570] - rendering regression with geoserver 2.5.1 when WMS 1.3.0
  • [GEOS-6572] - WMS GetFeatureInfo Request Returns Too Many Features
  • [GEOS-6578] - Unable to unwrap OracleConnection from JBoss WrappedConnectionJDK6
  • [GEOS-6596] - Point symbols clipped on tile edge
  • [GEOS-6598] - Enhancement for the VectorRenderingLayerIdentifier
  • [GEOS-6604] - WMS GetFeatureInfo using 'vendorParams: propertyName' does not working after upgrade to 2.5.x
  • [GEOS-6616] - Clear cached attribute information during FeatureType DELETE
  • [GEOS-6617] - Scale computation is wrong when the map is expressed in a unit other than meters
  • [GEOS-6619] - Rendering based feature info will return just one geometry of the group that falls into the same pixel
  • [GEOS-6628] - NullPointerException when setting empty ParameterFilter in the Layer Caching Panel
  • [GEOS-6632] - Cross-site scripting vulnerability in WMS exceptions
  • [GEOS-6641] - WCS Helper gridCoverageRequests multidim splitter doesn't close Featureiterator
  • [GEOS-6645] - NPE when trying to reload bands with empty range
  • [GEOS-6649] - Update headers to (c) OSGeo
  • [GEOS-6651] - ImageMosaic layers do not show images when version=1.3.0
  • [GEOS-6701] - Provide better error messages when wfs sortby attribute does not exists
  • [GEOS-6707] - SortBy property name validation breaks app-schema
  • [GEOS-6714] - Geoserver Logs page inaccessible
  • [GEOS-6719] - Shapefile output format can leak JDBC connections
  • [GEOS-6762] - CSW capabilities param/constraints section can grow indefinitely when using a CSW CapabilitiesDecorator

New Feature


  • [GEOS-5034] - Non-advertised layers should appear in the layer-specific virtual service GetCapabilities document
  • [GEOS-6409] - Building the PDF Docs fails
  • [GEOS-6491] - Add legend preview in the style edit pages
  • [GEOS-6597] - Avoid full namespace scan for GetFeature requests
  • [GEOS-6697] - Avoid adding "null" messages in exception reports
  • [GEOS-6711] - Introduce mapper parameters and webservice based mapper in authkey
  • [GEOS-6717] - Improve store param hover labels

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