Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.6.0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5571] - GwcSettingsPage WicketException if the user adds a new standard gridset
  • [GEOS-6245] - Not reporting correct style width/height in GetCaps
  • [GEOS-6311] - Managed File API
  • [GEOS-6379] - Unable to add new default gridsets
  • [GEOS-6407] - Exception thrown when running GeoServer with INSPIRE plugin in Tomcat
  • [GEOS-6468] - GWC's GeoServerLifecycleHandler fails to be created and causes datastores not to be disposed
  • [GEOS-6587] - Installer should set start.bat to run as Administrator
  • [GEOS-6625] - WMS 1.3 request against shapefile fails during rendering
  • [GEOS-6628] - NullPointerException when setting empty ParameterFilter in the Layer Caching Panel
  • [GEOS-6631] - WMS GetFeatureInfo throws NullPointerException with info_format=application/json
  • [GEOS-6632] - Cross-site scripting vulnerability in WMS exceptions
  • [GEOS-6638] - DescribeEOCoverageSet returns invalid XML on coverageViews. Afterwards the WCS 2.0.1 GetCapabilities and DescribeCoverage request does not work
  • [GEOS-6641] - WCS Helper gridCoverageRequests multidim splitter doesn't close Featureiterator
  • [GEOS-6642] - NetCDF ouput on Coverage Views may throws exceptions when dealing with input bands coming from different input files
  • [GEOS-6643] - Integrate OL3 into map preview
  • [GEOS-6645] - NPE when trying to reload bands with empty range
  • [GEOS-6647] - Failure to generate WMS capabilities document when cascading a WMS server that does not advertise GetFeatureInfo
  • [GEOS-6648] - WCS 2.0 GetCoverage with gml output does not properly setup the UoM and noData values configured in the bands
  • [GEOS-6649] - Update headers to (c) OSGeo
  • [GEOS-6651] - ImageMosaic layers do not show images when version=1.3.0
  • [GEOS-6663] - RestConfig StyleTests fail due to file locking on Windows
  • [GEOS-6664] - OWS FilePublisher test fails on Windows due to file encoding issues.
  • [GEOS-6669] - CSS Style destroyed when using "CSS Styles" page
  • [GEOS-6674] - Cascading images in CRS other than their native ones
  • [GEOS-6676] - Scripting app resource throws null pointer exception if main script isn't found
  • [GEOS-6679] - WCS20 GetCoverage multipart does encoding 2 times
  • [GEOS-6684] - WPS Metadata title is hardcoded (WPSInfo.getTitle always returns Prototype GeoServer WPS)


  • [GEOS-5683] - [PATCH] Implementation of OtherSRS for WFS getCapabilities as a global srs-list

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