Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.6.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5149] - WFS 2.0 spatial join failed
  • [GEOS-5312] - CSV WFS output format doesn't deal with Windows newlines
  • [GEOS-5486] - Poor text with java 7 and Transparency
  • [GEOS-6426] - Administration UI does not work properly with Internet Explorer 11
  • [GEOS-6686] - MBTiles and GeoPkg are not correctly shown in LayerPreview available formats
  • [GEOS-6691] - Geoserver causes a query SELECT NULL AS TABLE_CAT... to be generated by JDBC over and over again
  • [GEOS-6692] - multidimensional output in WCS 2.0 only supports WGS84 subsetting
  • [GEOS-6693] - Demo request page can product bad urls without slash
  • [GEOS-6701] - Provide better error messages when wfs sortby attribute does not exists
  • [GEOS-6703] - IOUtils.zipDirectory created zip without directory entries
  • [GEOS-6707] - SortBy property name validation breaks app-schema
  • [GEOS-6714] - Geoserver Logs page inaccessible
  • [GEOS-6719] - Shapefile output format can leak JDBC connections
  • [GEOS-6733] - Database performance regression
  • [GEOS-6735] - CSSHandler leaves file handles open
  • [GEOS-6748] - PointPlacement with Rotation in TextSymbolizer gives NullPointerException
  • [GEOS-6750] - Raster rendering might read a row/col less in some cases
  • [GEOS-6751] - WFS can OOM when gzipping large compressible output
  • [GEOS-6762] - CSW capabilities param/constraints section can grow indefinitely when using a CSW CapabilitiesDecorator
  • [GEOS-6763] - polygon.xml generated with reference to default_line.sld
  • [GEOS-6802] - WFS Features are read from external server but not delivered, potentially related to "gml:Surface"
  • [GEOS-6852] - Position error for raster in an image mosaic


  • [GEOS-5034] - Non-advertised layers should appear in the layer-specific virtual service GetCapabilities document
  • [GEOS-6603] - Add a button for disabling native warp
  • [GEOS-6681] - New REST GET parameter for disabling exception logging when 404 is returned
  • [GEOS-6697] - Avoid adding "null" messages in exception reports
  • [GEOS-6708] - Allow GeoPkg datastore to create data stores relative to data directory.
  • [GEOS-6711] - Introduce mapper parameters and webservice based mapper in authkey
  • [GEOS-6717] - Improve store param hover labels

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