Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.6.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6395] - WMS Animator parameter is misspelled
  • [GEOS-6573] - <Priority> tag not processed by SLD1.1 engine
  • [GEOS-6627] - GWC causes a wrong handling of the ImageIO and ImageIO-Ext plugins
  • [GEOS-6687] - INSPIRE extension misses the icelandic language
  • [GEOS-6723] - Pregeneralized Features module not using extra geometries against PostGIS store
  • [GEOS-6752] - Styles and layer groups contained in a workspace are not removed when the workspace is deleted
  • [GEOS-6757] - WCS 2.0 should force latLon only when the related flag is enabled
  • [GEOS-6772] - CRS Transformation breaks BBOX validation in GetFeature in strict CITE compliance mode
  • [GEOS-6775] - Slow web UI with Firefox
  • [GEOS-6779] - Test failure on netcdf-out build
  • [GEOS-6782] - NPE after WCS GetCoverage request for nonexistent coverage
  • [GEOS-6783] - CoverageViewReader should setup a compliant ImageLayout
  • [GEOS-6785] - WCS GetCapabilities 1.1.1 has invalid metadataType attribute
  • [GEOS-6827] - Regression: Resource refactor broke relative graphic url using "file://" protocol
  • [GEOS-6940] - Exception on Layer Preview


  • [GEOS-6759] - Add support for OverviewManagement in WCS2.0 getCoverage requests
  • [GEOS-6800] - sldservice: improvements to docs, tests and some bugfixes
  • [GEOS-6803] - Add a system variable to disable advanced raster projection for direct raster rendering
  • [GEOS-6805] - Support for WCS 2.0 request without defining workspace in coverageId
  • [GEOS-6808] - WCS-EO DescribeEOCoverageSet should be more lenient about time parsing
  • [GEOS-6809] - WCS 2.0 DescribeCoverage should be able to handle single granules

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