Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.6.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6182] - Execute goes NPE if the responseForm is missing in the request
  • [GEOS-6555] - Restrict FormatOptionsKvpParser parsers usage by service (WMS or WFS)
  • [GEOS-6807] - WCS GetCapabilties requests with Sections parameter throws an exception
  • [GEOS-6845] - Regression: cannot configure anymore coverages whose name is not xml safe
  • [GEOS-6848] - When the "Linearization Tolerance" is not empty geoserver throws an error when publishing data with EPSG:4326
  • [GEOS-6867] - Filter validation fails in WFS when a join needs to be reordered, and has local, non joining filters
  • [GEOS-6869] - Join filter validator applies the joining capabilities checks also to non joining filters
  • [GEOS-6873] - GeoServer leaking commons http-client connection pools in ResourcePool
  • [GEOS-6884] - Meters uom and hatch fill in PolygonSymbolizer creates Rendering process failed error
  • [GEOS-6923] - Slow JSON response on EPSG:900913 defined vector layer
  • [GEOS-6934] - gwc fails to render 900913 gridset with ImageMosaic store and the contour style
  • [GEOS-6955] - Build failure in gs-wcs1_1 GeoCoverageTest raster filter tests for OpenJDK 7 only



  • [GEOS-5333] - Be explicit about the 50 items records in the preview page description

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