Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.7.0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6059] - WFS DescribeFeatureType request times out after editing
  • [GEOS-6172] - Unable to seed layer with style assigned to workspace
  • [GEOS-6884] - Meters uom and hatch fill in PolygonSymbolizer creates Rendering process failed error
  • [GEOS-6890] - An import generating a layer whose name already exists in a different workspace fails
  • [GEOS-6915] - Raw outputs are not encoded when requested to be inlined into the WPS Execute XML response
  • [GEOS-6920] - WPS content disposition and file name in output references are not honoring RawData file extension
  • [GEOS-6923] - Slow JSON response on EPSG:900913 defined vector layer
  • [GEOS-6934] - gwc fails to render 900913 gridset with ImageMosaic store and the contour style


  • [GEOS-4065] - Add a resource/layers endpoint
  • [GEOS-5333] - Be explicit about the 50 items records in the preview page description

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