Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.8-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6134] - WFS 2.0 cannot output GML 3.1
  • [GEOS-6829] - TextFeatureInfoOutputFormat throws NPE with null geometries
  • [GEOS-6874] - REST API bug - “The specified coverageName is not supported”
  • [GEOS-6941] - WMS GetLegendGraphic fails for SLD with LegendGraphic element
  • [GEOS-6955] - Build failure in gs-wcs1_1 GeoCoverageTest raster filter tests for OpenJDK 7 only
  • [GEOS-6973] - Failure to report back all attributes when a join alias is also an attribute name of the join central feature type
  • [GEOS-6979] - GWC caching with CQL_FILTER returns "no parameter filter exists for FILTER"
  • [GEOS-6983] - style rename collision produces infinite loop
  • [GEOS-7009] - Migrate from vecmath to EJML
  • [GEOS-7014] - Omission in "Implementing a WPS Process" documentation
  • [GEOS-7020] - GetFeatureInfo request in a scale range
  • [GEOS-7022] - WMS GetMap interpolations issue with layer groups
  • [GEOS-7026] - Build failure in gs-wms RenderingBasedFeatureInfoTest.testRepeatedLine on OpenJDK
  • [GEOS-7031] - Stop shipping old Oracle JDBC driver
  • [GEOS-7050] - Logging request filter fails on POST requests without a content type
  • [GEOS-7069] - Geoserver app-schema build error with oracle.

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7006] - Add read and write support for PostGIS curves support
  • [GEOS-7038] - Add prettyPrint option to Style REST API


  • [GEOS-7002] - replace wrong import: NotImplementedError


  • [GEOS-6726] - Add Rest API for access control
  • [GEOS-6865] - Allow wms extension capabilities providers to customize the root crs list and the layer scale ranges
  • [GEOS-6946] - Allow cql expressions in ColorMapEntry for GetLegendGraphic
  • [GEOS-6947] - Allow usage of environment variables from various sources in ftl files
  • [GEOS-6965] - Add WMS GetMap support for by layer interpolation methods
  • [GEOS-6995] - Faster WFS queries against SDE on Oracle

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