Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.7.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4858] - Format 'application/openlayers' fails if layer name has special characters (e.g., 'á', 'ã')
  • [GEOS-5867] - ServicePersister re-writes all service config files on startup
  • [GEOS-6874] - REST API bug - “The specified coverageName is not supported”
  • [GEOS-6996] - ImageMosaic store not updated for 1-bit palleted images
  • [GEOS-7013] - Dynamic legend size calculation does not work for raster styles
  • [GEOS-7016] - Enabling request body logging ruins binary data POST/PUT requests
  • [GEOS-7017] - Importer tests may fail on windows due to inability to delete files
  • [GEOS-7024] - ImageMosaic harvest operation leaks connection pools
  • [GEOS-7030] - Can't create layers from Oracle with GS 2.7
  • [GEOS-7032] - You can see the content of the server by sending the right request to GeoServer
  • [GEOS-7040] - Problem loading the GWC's disk quota store
  • [GEOS-7047] - WPS respose thread can get locked up if a CDATA-like output is requested in document form
  • [GEOS-7048] - Empty output when trying to render a geotiff with flipped Y axis
  • [GEOS-7050] - Logging request filter fails on POST requests without a content type
  • [GEOS-7055] - A disabled WPS service will still respond to requests
  • [GEOS-7061] - Raster to vector transformation with re-projection using NetCDF as data store
  • [GEOS-7064] - Full text search unit tests in JDBCConfig failing
  • [GEOS-7065] - NPE on GetFeatureInfo for a layer with a vector style and a transform
  • [GEOS-7066] - Chance of WPS chained execution progress misreport when mixing complex and simple inputs
  • [GEOS-7068] - GWC parameter filter editor clears unsaved data on delete
  • [GEOS-7071] - Security Test Setup not compatible with IBM Java
  • [GEOS-7074] - Fix REST configuration page pngAcceleration
  • [GEOS-7082] - Form requests with content type are not parsed as such
  • [GEOS-7092] - WFS-T with ResouceAccessManager might do updates twice
  • [GEOS-7098] - DefaultCatalogFacade NPE when store name is null (contradicts API)
  • [GEOS-7102] - Importer does not support non-JDBC databases
  • [GEOS-7119] - GRIB zip in community downloads has a missing dependency
  • [GEOS-7126] - Update NetCDF/GRIB community module zip inclusion

New Feature

  • [GEOS-6992] - Add gdalwarp/gdal_translate/gdaladdo transformation support in importer


  • [GEOS-7000] - Allow importer to add granules to a mosaic as an indirect import
  • [GEOS-7035] - Allows system property to configure CRS Comparison Tolerance
  • [GEOS-7080] - LDAP Example in the GeoServer documentation doesn't work
  • [GEOS-7081] - Log content type too along with request url/body
  • [GEOS-7105] - Improve GeoServer GDAL documentation for Windows

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