Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.7.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7075] - JSON matched features count bug with spatial filter
  • [GEOS-7085] - WCS/WFS does not add Proxy Base URL to metadata links
  • [GEOS-7095] - Exploitable bypass for XXE fix
  • [GEOS-7124] - Remote Code Execution with XStream
  • [GEOS-7128] - OWS Dispatcher does not handle exceptions in fireFinishedCallback()
  • [GEOS-7129] - NPE loading data dir when a data store factory is not found or not available
  • [GEOS-7135] - OpenLayers preview may fail tolaod a map with certain very specific bounding boxes
  • [GEOS-7137] - NPE on reattach during import if the target workspace is missing
  • [GEOS-7139] - XXE fix breaks OWS POST in JBOSS
  • [GEOS-7140] - WCS 1.1 GetCapabilities should advertise with workspace prefix
  • [GEOS-7142] - WCS 2.0.1 can build BoundedBy with wrong axis order
  • [GEOS-7148] - WCS 2.0.1 can send coverage in wrong format
  • [GEOS-7153] - Closing Resources OutputStream bug
  • [GEOS-7158] - WMS extended capabilities not populated if the first provider return a null root
  • [GEOS-7175] - Allow SingletonList class in XStreamPersister (Required by CoverageView)
  • [GEOS-7181] - New layerGroup via REST ignores styles in a workspace
  • [GEOS-7187] - Documentation on REST "Resource reset" with errors
  • [GEOS-7195] - WFS SHAPE-ZIP output does not always honor field length restrictions
  • [GEOS-7199] - Preview of external graphics in SLD style
  • [GEOS-7201] - Time series ImageMosaic store creation fails on versions >
  • [GEOS-7206] - Commons-vfs issue on Importer
  • [GEOS-7217] - WMS 1.1 Capabilities document does not match DTD - missing Title in style
  • [GEOS-7226] - Default GML links in Layer Preview page do not work for app-schema layers


  • [GEOS-7220] - Document GetFeatureInfo on layergroup


  • [GEOS-7079] - Allow importer to harvest a granule against a empty mosaic
  • [GEOS-7131] - Fix curl command in credentialsfromheader docs
  • [GEOS-7213] - Allow to use DailyRollingFileAppender
  • [GEOS-7227] - Defer bounds calculation during import

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