Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.8.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-3228] - Empty filter causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GEOS-3432] - RESTConfig "styles" list does not get generated if a style is missing its associated sld file
  • [GEOS-4986] - Creating SQL Views via RESTConfig as JSON fails
  • [GEOS-6768] - externalGraphic with relative path and query parameters problem
  • [GEOS-6975] - Multiline Labels are not properly displayed when a translation is applied to a pdf WMS Request
  • [GEOS-7045] - Layer Security - Catalog Mode
  • [GEOS-7142] - WCS 2.0.1 can build BoundedBy with wrong axis order
  • [GEOS-7148] - WCS 2.0.1 can send coverage in wrong format
  • [GEOS-7154] - JSON totalFeatures can be wrong with spatial filters in WFS 1.1.0
  • [GEOS-7181] - New layerGroup via REST ignores styles in a workspace
  • [GEOS-7187] - Documentation on REST "Resource reset" with errors
  • [GEOS-7199] - Preview of external graphics in SLD style
  • [GEOS-7217] - WMS 1.1 Capabilities document does not match DTD - missing Title in style
  • [GEOS-7219] - Geofence integrated server extension
  • [GEOS-7226] - Default GML links in Layer Preview page do not work for app-schema layers
  • [GEOS-7230] - gs:DownloadEstimator should check size is less than Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [GEOS-7243] - Render (or transform) fails on Multipolygon but not on polygon
  • [GEOS-7254] - Proposals section refers to wrong Links
  • [GEOS-7256] - Maven Cobertura plugin does not work
  • [GEOS-7259] - JMS based cluster should use qualified names for Layers and Layergroups
  • [GEOS-7266] - Migration WFSDataStore geoserver 2.4 to 2.8 fails
  • [GEOS-7267] - JMS Clustering should prefix Styles names with workspace
  • [GEOS-7280] - Avoid catalog linear scans in GWC integration listeners
  • [GEOS-7286] - GDAL WCS output format fails to encode gray/alpha images in Geospatial PDF
  • [GEOS-7295] - OpenLayers preview does not work if authkey community module is enabled
  • [GEOS-7302] - Using on the fly meta tiling in WMS request may result in rendered images not being disposed of
  • [GEOS-7307] - NETCDF Z index load errors
  • [GEOS-7312] - RawDataPPIO does not close InputStreams it opens
  • [GEOS-7314] - GeoTiffPPIO can return the source file of a processed coverage


  • [GEOS-7220] - Document GetFeatureInfo on layergroup
  • [GEOS-7251] - GSIP-134 - Promote multidimensional modules (GRIB,NetCDF) to Extension
  • [GEOS-7309] - Fix explicit dependency to joda-time 2.2


  • [GEOS-4762] - WCS should force usage of imageread
  • [GEOS-7150] - Features counted twice for WFS queries with GeoJSON responses
  • [GEOS-7214] - Add scaling support to WPS gs:Download process
  • [GEOS-7227] - Defer bounds calculation during import

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