Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.8.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4176] - SQL view editing issues when adding or removing attributes in the view
  • [GEOS-4179] - Importer and monitoring REST resources are not thread-safe
  • [GEOS-7116] - Applying a CRS in Importer clears other found CRSes
  • [GEOS-7252] - The GUI doesn't allow Saving existing SQL View after edits
  • [GEOS-7270] - Edges of image with NoData have white artifacts when reprojected
  • [GEOS-7281] - WPS - No Argument Process doesn't enter RUNNING state
  • [GEOS-7297] - Stored Queries fail under load due to rewriting the query definition
  • [GEOS-7306] - Stored Queries don't work on App-Schema layers backed by database
  • [GEOS-7311] - GridCoverage2D loses "nullValues" and testSingleBandedCoverage function fails
  • [GEOS-7317] - com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.DynamicProxyMapper$DynamicProxy is not part of XStream class whitelist
  • [GEOS-7320] - Mismatch between DescribeFeatureType and GetFeature of geometry property type (with WFS 1.1.0)
  • [GEOS-7345] - Raster download process can OOM when cropping very large images (wps-download module)
  • [GEOS-7346] - WPS cancelling output stream ends up writing a single byte at a time
  • [GEOS-7349] - GeoJSON geometry and geometry_name inconsistent on multi-geometry features
  • [GEOS-7351] - GeoFence REST API is not thread safe
  • [GEOS-7352] - Error rendering coverage with transformation when out of bounding box
  • [GEOS-7353] - GetFeatureInfo HTML template loading is not thread-safe
  • [GEOS-7354] - Potentially slow GetMap response times with tiny bounding boxes
  • [GEOS-7358] - WorkspaceAdminComponentAuthorizer ignores pluggable ResourceAccessManager
  • [GEOS-7359] - "Tile layers" page crashes with GWC_DISKQUOTA_DISABLED set to true
  • [GEOS-7366] - WPS File Handle Leak
  • [GEOS-7373] - WFS2 paging: missing next/previous with skipNumberMatched
  • [GEOS-7374] - Layer group edit page failing after adding GeoFence jar libraries
  • [GEOS-7376] - Deadlock in GWC when reloading config while under heavy tile request load
  • [GEOS-7379] - PGRaster community module isn't released as a downloadable zip
  • [GEOS-7382] - Concurrency issue in printing module


  • [GEOS-7347] - Allow enter an allowed area in Geofence UI
  • [GEOS-7348] - Manage Geofence rules priority using drag and drop
  • [GEOS-7350] - [GeoFence] Workspace administration rights
  • [GEOS-7356] - Allow manage GeoFence admin rules on the UI

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