Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.9-beta - HTML format


  • [GEOS-2613] - outputFormat = json doesn't obey number of decimals options
  • [GEOS-3803] - DescribeFeatureType against all layers always causes 401 when layer security mode is "mixed"
  • [GEOS-4578] - resource loader createDirectory may fail to create directories without throwing
  • [GEOS-4695] - User, Data and Catlog Security (Mixed) Combined causes Wicket Runtime Exception
  • [GEOS-5290] - WFS DescribeLayer isn't working with authenticated user and restricted access
  • [GEOS-5714] - Layer preview & catalog mode MiXED cause AccessDeniedException on the GUI
  • [GEOS-7255] - getFeatureInfo not working for styles with dash array
  • [GEOS-7290] - DirectDownload fails on PK50095 sample
  • [GEOS-7297] - Stored Queries fail under load due to rewriting the query definition
  • [GEOS-7298] - Removing a parameter filter from a set with other filter types may cause error
  • [GEOS-7367] - UTFGrid output format generates invalid JSON for completely empty tiles
  • [GEOS-7373] - WFS2 paging: missing next/previous with skipNumberMatched
  • [GEOS-7378] - Fix inconsistencies in the layer edit page
  • [GEOS-7380] - Upgrade joda-time to support Amazon AWS S3 on Java 8u60 or later
  • [GEOS-7382] - Concurrency issue in printing module
  • [GEOS-7385] - Do not re-encode Filter in default charset when parsing WFS KVP Filter
  • [GEOS-7387] - Cached layer removal fails to remove cached tiles
  • [GEOS-7388] - The drop down list of INSPIRE language codes is incomplete
  • [GEOS-7392] - When using geofence extension, creating a new layergroup crashes UI
  • [GEOS-7417] - Holes of a polygon sometimes get filled
  • [GEOS-7421] - harvesting file to mosaicstore using REST twice deletes all files in store directory
  • [GEOS-7424] - Support new GeoTools local date handling
  • [GEOS-7435] - Inconsistent encoding assumptions in GeoServerSystemTestSupport cause build failure on Windows
  • [GEOS-7436] - Invalid directory timestamp assumptions in ResourceTest break build on Windows

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7222] - WMS Animator - disposal method option
  • [GEOS-7337] - UTFGrid output format
  • [GEOS-7399] - Add community module params-extractor
  • [GEOS-7407] - ResourceStore Rest API
  • [GEOS-7433] - Add support for aggregation process group by results
  • [GEOS-7658] - Incompatibility between embedded GWC and standalone GWC


  • [GEOS-7408] - Resource Notification Dispatcher


  • [GEOS-5040] - Tabbed layer group edit page
  • [GEOS-6432] - Write all supported WMS exception alternatives into GetCapabilities
  • [GEOS-7333] - Show Mix/MaxDenominators for layergroups in GetCapabilities
  • [GEOS-7377] - Display the current rendering engine implementation on server status page
  • [GEOS-7406] - WFS CSV output format speed up

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