Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.8.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-3803] - DescribeFeatureType against all layers always causes 401 when layer security mode is "mixed"
  • [GEOS-4695] - User, Data and Catlog Security (Mixed) Combined causes Wicket Runtime Exception
  • [GEOS-5290] - WFS DescribeLayer isn't working with authenticated user and restricted access
  • [GEOS-5714] - Layer preview & catalog mode MiXED cause AccessDeniedException on the GUI
  • [GEOS-6231] - Update web.xml parameter
  • [GEOS-6474] - problem using different palettes
  • [GEOS-6624] - Monitoring audit logging misses the default template files
  • [GEOS-6932] - Cascading WMS 1.3.0 from MapServer fails with Basic Auth
  • [GEOS-7159] - Web interface does not reflect workspace specific WPS enabled/disabled properly
  • [GEOS-7253] - Enabling WPS for a workspace doesn't appear on the GUI after reload
  • [GEOS-7255] - getFeatureInfo not working for styles with dash array
  • [GEOS-7325] - Missing jars in NetCDF output format plugin
  • [GEOS-7338] - Canot access workspace specific service when denying access to the workspace (but allowing layers in it)
  • [GEOS-7370] - LayerGroup ignores the LocalWorkspaceIncludesPrefix setting
  • [GEOS-7392] - When using geofence extension, creating a new layergroup crashes UI
  • [GEOS-7396] - ClassCastException with WrappedSampleDimension
  • [GEOS-7400] - SQL View: Reading settings from featuretype.xml fails
  • [GEOS-7410] - NetCDF Output Compression Level (for NetCDF4) isn't properly handled
  • [GEOS-7411] - GeoServer REST Layer not working
  • [GEOS-7414] - GetMap requests that contains LayerGroups and styles are not correctlly handled in Geofence
  • [GEOS-7420] - Rendering failed with Curve element from Web Feature Datastore (NG)
  • [GEOS-7422] - Embedded GWC with data security enabled won't serve layer groups
  • [GEOS-7428] - Allow cancelling a WPS import process
  • [GEOS-7437] - WFS-NG configuration does not survive a restart
  • [GEOS-7442] - XStream remote execution filters disallow changing configuration of JMS clusters
  • [GEOS-7444] - Updating a coverage using REST API fails if JSON (or XML) payload doesn't follow a specific order
  • [GEOS-7449] - WPS workspace specific configurations fails to load
  • [GEOS-7459] - Securing an app-schema data store may result in ClassCastException being thrown
  • [GEOS-7462] - Threads updating the GWC disk quota can get blocked indefinitely on configuration reload
  • [GEOS-7470] - WFS service returns gml with 2D data even if srsDimension="3"

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7399] - Add community module params-extractor


  • [GEOS-7431] - Update GRIB extension's zip package dependencies


  • [GEOS-7426] - Minor improvements to Importer FeatureDataConverter for improved roboustness
  • [GEOS-7427] - Make SecuredGridCoverage2DReader using a cached Crop operation instance
  • [GEOS-7474] - Speed up usage of git-commit-id

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