Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.9-beta2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7325] - Missing jars in NetCDF output format plugin
  • [GEOS-7438] - The first few requests after startup might NPE in monitoring
  • [GEOS-7459] - Securing an app-schema data store may result in ClassCastException being thrown
  • [GEOS-7475] - Improper use of TemporaryFolder leaves test folders in $
  • [GEOS-7482] - 404 when logging in from some pages
  • [GEOS-7485] - 2.9 Master does not start on Windows
  • [GEOS-7492] - Admin can temporarily lock themselves out of UI or REST by changing logging level or styles
  • [GEOS-7493] - Paths.names (method used by multiple ResourceStores) not removing root slash
  • [GEOS-7494] - Geofence server uses the wrong properties file
  • [GEOS-7508] - Unable to start DMG due to spring-security exception
  • [GEOS-7514] - LDAP AuthenticationProvider attempts to use non-ldap login to fetch groups from ldap server



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