Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.8.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6138] - JDBC error in Geoserver startup, stores not being disposed of when getTypeNames fails
  • [GEOS-6878] - WFS editing fails for geometries in full 3d crs
  • [GEOS-7094] - CSS z-index for line rendering works inconsistently
  • [GEOS-7212] - Missing links in "JMS based Clustering" documentation
  • [GEOS-7215] - Geoserver WFS GetFeature with multiple featureid/resourceid returns multiple times the same feature
  • [GEOS-7258] - CQL filter documentation wrongly reports ability to do a BBOX against a geometry
  • [GEOS-7261] - Preview Legend only work one time
  • [GEOS-7369] - KML Placemarks not located correctly
  • [GEOS-7543] - REST Putting a WFS Settings xml results into an Unauthorized class found during XStream conversion
  • [GEOS-7547] - Expiry of GetFeatureWithLock wrongly expected to be minutes in WFS 2.0
  • [GEOS-7550] - escapeChar="" causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GEOS-7553] - GWC building tiles with requests failing at KVP parsing causes control-flow to lock up
  • [GEOS-7579] - Colormap variable substitution not working if multiple layers are provided in WMS call
  • [GEOS-7585] - Wrong intervals reported for first color map entry in legend graphics, when using interval mode
  • [GEOS-7597] - Missing JNA jar in netcdf-out plugin release configuration
  • [GEOS-7598] - Map preview does not use metatiling anymore
  • [GEOS-7599] - WMS Request Causes Geoserver Lat/Lon Bounding Box to Change
  • [GEOS-7604] - CatalogBuilder fails to compute wgs84 bbox if data has a compound 3d CRS
  • [GEOS-7605] - GWC transaction listener fails if the layer has a 3d compound CRS
  • [GEOS-7609] - CLONE - WMS Request Causes Geoserver Lat/Lon Bounding Box to Change
  • [GEOS-7618] - NetCDF dimension publishing always lists ranges, point values should be used instead
  • [GEOS-7621] - Coverage band details editing, issues with locale, list separators and decimal numbers representation
  • [GEOS-7632] - Potential vulnerability bypassing GWC data security
  • [GEOS-7640] - OGR output has null filename for singleFile output formats
  • [GEOS-7644] - Secured decorators do not handle Structured GridCoverage2DReader
  • [GEOS-7646] - Importing shapefile with spaces in attributes fails for postgis
  • [GEOS-7661] - NumberFormatException on DecimalTextField with value NaN


  • [GEOS-6611] - html docs download index and license files
  • [GEOS-7629] - GSIP-147 - Align with Geotools copyright header management practices
  • [GEOS-7630] - Support requiring files to exist for GeoServer startup
  • [GEOS-7669] - Allowing users to select band indices for raster data downloads with WPS

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