Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5663] - WPS fails if geometry column is named "location"
  • [GEOS-5879] - KML TimeStamp date-month swap in non-POSIX locale
  • [GEOS-6154] - Layer groups and/or their component layers appear multiple times in capabilities document
  • [GEOS-7268] - JMS Clustering does not propagate virtual services configurations
  • [GEOS-7269] - Using JMS Clustering changes to WMS settings are not propagated to slaves
  • [GEOS-7342] - LayerGroup chooser in the LayerGroup page suggests LGs from other workspaces
  • [GEOS-7452] - Process Status page do not refresh after a dismiss
  • [GEOS-7464] - High oversampling on raster cells with reproject can put a significant amount of load on GeoServer
  • [GEOS-7524] - Adding a readonly rule in GeoFence will provoke a NullPointer exception
  • [GEOS-7732] - CSS: stroke-offset does not accept expressions
  • [GEOS-7755] - JMS cluster plugin doesn't listen on some services events and doesn't take in account virtual services
  • [GEOS-7758] - JMS plugin doesn't propogate workspace settings
  • [GEOS-7759] - Generating a raster SLD style from template produces a formally invalid style
  • [GEOS-7760] - Workspace specific configuration enable\disable checkbox not reachable
  • [GEOS-7786] - 2.3.4 documentation has broken About and Download links
  • [GEOS-7806] - JDBCRoleService may cause NPE for roles without properties
  • [GEOS-7821] - REST API services settings.html throws errors for null values
  • [GEOS-7822] - REST PUT property update on ServiceInfo does not work properly for primitive properties
  • [GEOS-7826] - NPE thrown when trying to view/edit a Style when no datastores present
  • [GEOS-7828] - Some Style Page errors not shown when clicking "Submit"
  • [GEOS-7833] - Monitoring with body logging enabled breaks servlets/handlers using request.getReader()
  • [GEOS-7840] - VT: incorrect version of java-vector-tiles is being pulled in (1.0.8 vs 1.0.9)
  • [GEOS-7847] - Invalid SQL "auto_increment" causes PostGisRoleServiceTest and PostGisUserDetailsServiceTest to fail
  • [GEOS-7848] - Proxy vulnerability
  • [GEOS-7849] - Session fixation vulnerability
  • [GEOS-7850] - XML injection vulnerability
  • [GEOS-7857] - Cascade Delete fails for a layer group contained within another layer group
  • [GEOS-7858] - Deleting nested LayerGroups via catalog.remove will break the catalog
  • [GEOS-7870] - GeoFence: zipped module contains useless/harmful postgis jars
  • [GEOS-7878] - Importer doesn't detect style version when importing style from archive/directory
  • [GEOS-7882] - GeoServer Module status endpoint: NPE for custom GDAL
  • [GEOS-7884] - Slow startup of GeoServer with many layers
  • [GEOS-7887] - Memory leak in WMS GetFeatureInfo GML3 encoding
  • [GEOS-7888] - ClassCastException when posting WFS Transaction request on a URL containing a valid GetFeature request
  • [GEOS-7894] - Cannot upload style files in the style editor
  • [GEOS-7898] - ncWMS Module prevents WPS POST Async Requests
  • [GEOS-7906] - Excess label positions computed and painted when using repeat

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7827] - Allow windows installer to use port 80


  • [GEOS-7837] - Add an example of GS Download process with request of output reference
  • [GEOS-7877] - Upgrade imageio-ext version to 1.1.16
  • [GEOS-7899] - Upgrade imageio-ext version to 1.1.17


  • [GEOS-7662] - Underline labels in SLD
  • [GEOS-7844] - importer - use the DS high-level API
  • [GEOS-7852] - REST API implementation for setting defaults violates Catalog API
  • [GEOS-7862] - Add documentation for the WMTS multidimensional module
  • [GEOS-7871] - Add docs for WCS Request Builder
  • [GEOS-7890] - GeoServerInfoImpl.equals sometimes gives false negatives
  • [GEOS-7891] - LoggingInfoImpl.equals does not respect ModdificationProxies
  • [GEOS-7895] - Add cache-control and etag to capabilities request

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