Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5615] - Disk quota negative bytes free
  • [GEOS-7512] - Tile Caching / Tile Layers for global layer groups result in Wicket Error
  • [GEOS-7708] - Border colour around reprojected GeoTIFF is not rendered as transparent one
  • [GEOS-7793] - Raster oversampling + reprojection issue EPSG:2154 -> EPSG:3857
  • [GEOS-7855] - New style editor thinks old GeoServer CSS styles are SLD
  • [GEOS-7873] - Styles in json layergroup still doesn't work
  • [GEOS-7900] - GetMapKvpReader is not Thread-safe
  • [GEOS-7915] - Can not display table based pages in Turkish locale
  • [GEOS-7918] - Invalid scope attribute in gs-restconfig applicationContext.xml
  • [GEOS-7928] - Labels artifacts appears in the upper left corner of image.
  • [GEOS-7929] - WMS 1.3.0 GetCapabilities response doesn't validate against the schema when using LayerGroups
  • [GEOS-7930] - Editing style and moving it into workspace loses the edits
  • [GEOS-7938] - GeoFence: error in interaction with monitoring plugin
  • [GEOS-7941] - WfsCompatibilityTest fails if a local GeoServer is running without the sf:archsites layer
  • [GEOS-7944] - Null object returned when "Discard Legend"
  • [GEOS-7947] - New created styles will not be published by JMS plugin
  • [GEOS-7948] - JMS plugin handlers don't initiate transient fields of layer groups associated data stores
  • [GEOS-7985] - Exception thrown by GeoServer during GetMap requests on a ImagePyramid
  • [GEOS-7991] - Style Edit Page: Apply then Submit causes WicketRuntimeException
  • [GEOS-7994] - Force transformation of ROI and NoData to transparent/bg color in direct raster rendering path
  • [GEOS-7995] - NULL pointer exception when using JMS plugin and updating a layer resource using REST

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7962] - Add a WMS vendor FORMAT parameter to force the return of WMS 1.1.1 capabilities in text/xml


  • [GEOS-7921] - Handle non error http codes (from HttpCodeException) as normal response.
  • [GEOS-7937] - Remove or make optional URL checks for grid formats
  • [GEOS-7939] - Promote YSLD community module to extension (GSIP-154)
  • [GEOS-7960] - Factor out non-ui specific data from GeoServerNodeInfo.
  • [GEOS-7980] - Reducing output size of PDF with graphic fills by using tiling patterns

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