Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5869] - Upload H2 database with REST API doesn't work
  • [GEOS-7704] - WCS 2.0 Range Subsetting POST requests fails with NullPointerException
  • [GEOS-7804] - GeoFence and Control-flow are incompatible
  • [GEOS-7950] - GeoFence: compatibility issue with controlflow
  • [GEOS-8003] - Control-flow access beans through GeoServerExtensions in BeanFactoryPostProcessor callbacks
  • [GEOS-8023] - Virtual Service fails layer name lookup, needs qualified name
  • [GEOS-8040] - Regression Accessing Styles Subdirectories
  • [GEOS-8041] - GWC Data Security Vulnerability
  • [GEOS-8046] - WPS ApplicationContext is unset Warnings
  • [GEOS-8050] - GeoServerDataDirectory::parsedStyle's resourceLocator does not preserve URL #fragments
  • [GEOS-8057] - Requesting images stored in EPSG:4326 in EPSG:3857 pixelates the image
  • [GEOS-8077] - KML Reflector Loses Custom Dimension Values
  • [GEOS-8090] - DXF extension: Invalid output on empty feature collection
  • [GEOS-8092] - GetFeatureInfo error for requests with both queryable and non-queryable layers
  • [GEOS-8101] - Generating a raster SLD style from template produces a functionally invalid style
  • [GEOS-8105] - WCS 2.0 GetCoverage ignores service level overview policy and disallow reader subsampling
  • [GEOS-8110] - Making a WMS request with no Layers results in an IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GEOS-8112] - GeoServer generates invalid GeoPackage raster mosaics
  • [GEOS-8122] - Intermittent failure of FileUtils.deleteDirectory in SystemTestData.tearDown
  • [GEOS-8123] - GWC caches stale response encoders
  • [GEOS-8128] - SLD static legend dimensions not respected
  • [GEOS-8131] - Layer Group SLD ChannelSelection issue
  • [GEOS-8136] - Color composite properties for CSS not documented
  • [GEOS-8137] - Metatiling may throw a ClassCastException: Raster cannot be cast to WritableRaster
  • [GEOS-8139] - Intermittent off-by-one-second failure in TimeKvpParserTest.testContinuousRelativeInterval
  • [GEOS-8145] - Cascading WMS does not allow long credentials
  • [GEOS-8148] - GWC not responding 304 properly when using Guava in memory cache
  • [GEOS-8159] - WPS DownloadProcess doesn't respect cropToROI parameter
  • [GEOS-8175] - Backup error when GeoFence Resource Access Manager is configured


  • [GEOS-8120] - Improve JMS community module integration tests coverage


  • [GEOS-2749] - Reproject geometries in WMS GetFeatureInfo responses when info_format is GML
  • [GEOS-5151] - DataAccess full type name listing called multiple times in OGC request against SQL views
  • [GEOS-7468] - JMS plugin should use a different default virtual topic name instead of >
  • [GEOS-8124] - Add extension point in backup / restore module for generic resources handler

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