Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.11.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4773] - virtual services does not play nice with GML 3 encoding
  • [GEOS-5176] - Namespace filtering on capabilties returns all layer groups (including the ones in other workspaces)
  • [GEOS-5603] - Not possible to PUT workspace using REST
  • [GEOS-7704] - WCS 2.0 Range Subsetting POST requests fails with NullPointerException
  • [GEOS-7861] - Error when trying parameterize svg with fill color referred by relative path
  • [GEOS-8017] - WFS 1.1.0 GML3 schema cache doesn't work well with virtual services
  • [GEOS-8023] - Virtual Service fails layer name lookup, needs qualified name
  • [GEOS-8024] - Style Editor Preview Legend Fails on non-SLD Styles
  • [GEOS-8025] - Style Editor Can Create Incorrect External Legend URLs
  • [GEOS-8031] - Regression: SHAPE-ZIP output format goes NPE on null geometry values
  • [GEOS-8040] - Regression Accessing Styles Subdirectories
  • [GEOS-8041] - GWC Data Security Vulnerability
  • [GEOS-8042] - WFS-T Insert FeatureIds being returned in incorrect order
  • [GEOS-8049] - WCS 2.0.1 Scaling should use short names for axis
  • [GEOS-8050] - GeoServerDataDirectory::parsedStyle's resourceLocator does not preserve URL #fragments
  • [GEOS-8052] - CSW get capabilities ingore virtual services settings and always use the global service ones
  • [GEOS-8059] - problematic cache-control settings for GetCapabilities response
  • [GEOS-8071] - CapabilitiesCacheHeadersCallback should not set eTag, causes clients to cache capabilities when dimension values changes
  • [GEOS-8072] - WMS 1.3.0 capabilities global bounding box computation doesn't use layer groups
  • [GEOS-8077] - KML Reflector Loses Custom Dimension Values
  • [GEOS-8078] - JMS community module configuration WEB page throws an exception when accesing it
  • [GEOS-8083] - jdbcconfig combined with jdbcstore -> three locations for logging config
  • [GEOS-8085] - H2 extension REST tests fail randomly
  • [GEOS-8087] - Slow WCS GetCoverage extraction with GeoTiff output format
  • [GEOS-8089] - Integrated GWC does not work with layer and layer group specific services
  • [GEOS-8090] - DXF extension: Invalid output on empty feature collection
  • [GEOS-8101] - Generating a raster SLD style from template produces a functionally invalid style
  • [GEOS-8105] - WCS 2.0 GetCoverage ignores service level overview policy and disallow reader subsampling
  • [GEOS-8106] - GeoServer Home Page missing information messages
  • [GEOS-8110] - Making a WMS request with no Layers results in an IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GEOS-8112] - GeoServer generates invalid GeoPackage raster mosaics
  • [GEOS-8122] - Intermittent failure of FileUtils.deleteDirectory in SystemTestData.tearDown
  • [GEOS-8123] - GWC caches stale response encoders
  • [GEOS-8128] - SLD static legend dimensions not respected
  • [GEOS-8136] - Color composite properties for CSS not documented
  • [GEOS-8137] - Metatiling may throw a ClassCastException: Raster cannot be cast to WritableRaster
  • [GEOS-8139] - Intermittent off-by-one-second failure in TimeKvpParserTest.testContinuousRelativeInterval


  • [GEOS-8045] - ChannelSelection after raster RenderingTransformation on a coverageView may throw a IllegalArgumentException: Band number N is not valid
  • [GEOS-8120] - Improve JMS community module integration tests coverage


  • [GEOS-5151] - DataAccess full type name listing called multiple times in OGC request against SQL views
  • [GEOS-7468] - JMS plugin should use a different default virtual topic name instead of >
  • [GEOS-8022] - Allow disabling usage of SLD and SLD_BODY in WMS requests (also for virtual services)
  • [GEOS-8099] - GSIP 158 - NetCDF output support for variable attributes and extra variables
  • [GEOS-8124] - Add extension point in backup / restore module for generic resources handler

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