Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7845] - Raster styling: ChannelSelection/ContrastEnhancement not working properly
  • [GEOS-8129] - GetLegendGraphic fails if SCALE is greater than MaxScaleDenominator
  • [GEOS-8134] - sld file lost when moving style from workspace to default workspace
  • [GEOS-8179] - Control Flow blacklist/whitelist error messages
  • [GEOS-8191] - WFSURIHandler uses case sensitive host name comparison to determine if a URL is reflective
  • [GEOS-8208] - Style Editor - Layer Preview doesn't respect channel selection order
  • [GEOS-8210] - A layer local service still reports workspace local groups in the capabilities documents
  • [GEOS-8221] - GeoServerDataDir returns the root directory if workspace is null


  • [GEOS-8212] - do not report nodata in CoverageDimensionInfo's min/max range (being reported by getNullValues)


  • [GEOS-7519] - Keywords & Identifier for LayerGroups

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