Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.11.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5031] - XY get swapped after a WFS-T 1.1.0 Update with EPSG:3007 in the Update srsName attribute
  • [GEOS-8061] - Sql view Interface not showing all parameters
  • [GEOS-8149] - Cannot submit seed requests using GUI
  • [GEOS-8203] - HTTP 500 response on REST DELETE workspace with JDBC Config enabled
  • [GEOS-8248] - Typo in resource consumption check for WPS
  • [GEOS-8270] - Custom legend images in workspaces styles directories are ignored
  • [GEOS-8272] - Randomness in JPEG 2000 support reader/writer lookup
  • [GEOS-8274] - GetLegendGraphic ignores the default style setting
  • [GEOS-8276] - imageio-ext-gdal-bindings-xxx.jar not available in anymore since 2.10
  • [GEOS-8279] - GWC direct integration gets fooled by non cacheable requests and returns tiles
  • [GEOS-8287] - gs-web-wms cannot be built unless gs-css is also in the build
  • [GEOS-8288] - Changing the workspace of a style causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception
  • [GEOS-8291] - "generic" style configuration not linking to correct sld
  • [GEOS-8299] - High oversampling on raster data might result in white response on a non empty area
  • [GEOS-8307] - RenderedImageMapOutputFormat won't try to render requests outside of the reader declared envelope
  • [GEOS-8316] - Logging filter ignores X-Forwarded-For request header
  • [GEOS-8319] - GWC seed link broken when using proxy
  • [GEOS-8333] - Uploading a SLD 1.1 style over a SLD 1.0 style causes runtime parsing errors


  • [GEOS-8033] - KML: handle placemark placement when centroid of geometry not contained within
  • [GEOS-8263] - Allow in layer preview filtering (CQL, OGC and FeatureID) for rasters formats that support filtering

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