Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.11.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6388] - Images not displaying in WMS decorations
  • [GEOS-6745] - Copy style needs to copy content and format
  • [GEOS-7343] - REST API CORS support
  • [GEOS-7622] - Automatic release scripts build the PDF guide, but do not copy it over to SF
  • [GEOS-7757] - Legend is created with an empty row
  • [GEOS-7961] - WFS service sometimes fails due to encode filter NPEx
  • [GEOS-8034] - YSLD ColorMap incorrectly recording a String (as shown in SLD conversion)
  • [GEOS-8038] - Intermittent build failure in gs-restconfig CoverageStoreTest.testDeletePurgeAllAfterConfigure
  • [GEOS-8108] - Several WFS requests on complex features are returning null namespace prefixes
  • [GEOS-8187] - Legend Preview not correctly interpreting SvgParameter
  • [GEOS-8290] - Bug in GetLegendGraphic countMatched-feature when using MaxScaleDenominator in SLD
  • [GEOS-8317] - GetFeatureInfo returns no features if point layer has style that uses sld:ElseFilter
  • [GEOS-8318] - Virtual service global layer group lookup can load workspaced layer groups
  • [GEOS-8324] - StackOverflow exception when comparing FeatureTypeInfo
  • [GEOS-8328] - GeoServerResourceLoader overrides its logging level
  • [GEOS-8344] - Bug in GetLegendGraphic countMatched-feature when using ElseFilter in SLD
  • [GEOS-8360] - xStream security warning
  • [GEOS-8363] - Creation of SQL View Layer with Parameters fails
  • [GEOS-8369] - Style Editor workflow glitch requesting wrong layer
  • [GEOS-8389] - IndexOutOfBoundsException on group layer legend
  • [GEOS-8459] - VersioningCommitAuthor set to anonymous when principal is not an instance of UserDetails
  • [GEOS-8485] - GetLegendGraphic request not working with layer groups in workspace

New Feature

  • [GEOS-8068] - Add GeoJson encoder for complex features
  • [GEOS-8069] - Add documentation and tests about using MongoDB as a data store for app-schema


  • [GEOS-8385] - Update MongoDB integration with App-Schema tests to use relative mappings


  • [GEOS-8225] - User unable to change workspace of a style to a workspace with administrative privileges

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