Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.12.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6388] - Images not displaying in WMS decorations
  • [GEOS-7961] - WFS service sometimes fails due to encode filter NPEx
  • [GEOS-8038] - Intermittent build failure in gs-restconfig CoverageStoreTest.testDeletePurgeAllAfterConfigure
  • [GEOS-8108] - Several WFS requests on complex features are returning null namespace prefixes
  • [GEOS-8250] - WFS 2.0 DescribeFeatureType responses for app-schema types contain a spurious WFS 2.0 jar import
  • [GEOS-8386] - failed get DescribeFeatureType request when exists uuid field and DataStore option Expose primary keys set true
  • [GEOS-8389] - IndexOutOfBoundsException on group layer legend
  • [GEOS-8400] - Re-enable building "Backup & Restore" community module
  • [GEOS-8403] - When saving an MBStyle, equivalent SLD does not update.
  • [GEOS-8411] - Wrapped DataStore prevents the "Configure cascaded stored query..." for WFSDataStore to appear.
  • [GEOS-8418] - Multipart Requests fail when using gs-geogig
  • [GEOS-8427] - Scripting community module can't find scriptMgr bean
  • [GEOS-8459] - VersioningCommitAuthor set to anonymous when principal is not an instance of UserDetails
  • [GEOS-8470] - Layer Groups causing UI to break
  • [GEOS-8471] - Submitting a seed/truncate request for a tile layer results in a "406, not acceptable"
  • [GEOS-8474] - GWC Seed Form returns "Chunk [] is not a valid entry" message error when seeding a layer.
  • [GEOS-8475] - Style API : Unknown style format when charset is in content-type
  • [GEOS-8481] - CSS attributes with expression and unit strings not working
  • [GEOS-8485] - GetLegendGraphic request not working with layer groups in workspace
  • [GEOS-8502] - GetLegendGraphic rescale does not account for stroke thickness
  • [GEOS-8519] - Importer: cannot update a layer SRS as documented in examples anymore
  • [GEOS-8520] - Importer fails to import shapefiles with spaces in the attribute names in PostGIS
  • [GEOS-8524] - CSS plugin not usable due to conflicting asm - versions
  • [GEOS-8532] - Importer mosaic file harversting does not work on multi-coverage files
  • [GEOS-8536] - SRS Description Page overwrites HeaderContributions

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7813] - Unable to start on disconnected network due to web.xml DTD reference
  • [GEOS-8492] - WPS: embedding XML in ComplexData without guarding with CDATA may cause parsing failures


  • [GEOS-7885] - Geometric functions seem to work in pixels rather then coordinates

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