Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.13.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6096] - Coverage parameter editor in layer page only shows params that were available at layer creation
  • [GEOS-7210] - Character Encoding Issue With JDBC Config
  • [GEOS-8011] - On Windows, Create Store interface creates invalid URL/path: unable to create store
  • [GEOS-8165] - Layer groups not queryable when members are not advertised
  • [GEOS-8490] - Exception with NULL values with AggregateProcess
  • [GEOS-8588] - Style with Interpolate function causes NullPointerException on GetLegendGraphic
  • [GEOS-8593] - WFS with startIndex doesn't return some results
  • [GEOS-8603] - StackOverflowError caused by Secure Catalog decorators
  • [GEOS-8612] - Many unknown WPS status queries are logged periodically
  • [GEOS-8616] - Vector identifying feature info uses an undocumented system variable to set the default search area
  • [GEOS-8634] - Import objects cannot be deleted when in COMPLETE state
  • [GEOS-8636] - JDBC Configuration service cache doesn't get updated
  • [GEOS-8638] - WFS join with ValueReference using local namespaces fail to execute
  • [GEOS-8643] - Removing extensions with own configuration bits may cause GeoServer not to start up anymore
  • [GEOS-8651] - Stored query creation fails when using namespace prefixes local to the stored query definition
  • [GEOS-8655] - WMS 1.3 GetMap request significantly slower than WMS 1.1.0 since GeoServer 2.11.4
  • [GEOS-8657] - GeoServer in CITE compliance mode fails to validate an empty LockFeature request
  • [GEOS-8666] - WPSResourceManager cleanup is not deleting temporary subfolders (only files)
  • [GEOS-8668] - 2.14 WPS DownloadMap fails with more than one layer input
  • [GEOS-8674] - WCS GeoTIFF parameters should respect the values defined in spec (eg. Deflate instead of DEFLATE)
  • [GEOS-8675] - WFS 2.0.2 allows stored query returnFeatureTypes to be an empty string
  • [GEOS-8676] - WPS build fails under OpenJDK
  • [GEOS-8680] - Parameter forwarder goes NPE on POST GetCapabilities requests
  • [GEOS-8683] - Windows Installation issue - upgrading GeoServer results in corrupt data_dir
  • [GEOS-8685] - WorkspaceController logs POST request as being about "style"
  • [GEOS-8693] - NetCDF outputs with data packing can lead to OOM when running over large coverages
  • [GEOS-8703] - WFS 2.0 capabilities report transaction support even if the service level is not configured as such
  • [GEOS-8709] - WFS 2.0 Join using custom prefixes and no aliases on primary feature type fails to run
  • [GEOS-8710] - Invalid WFS-T insert on workspace specific service returns the wrong exceptionCode
  • [GEOS-8711] - LockFeature using GetFeatureId stored query fails with NPE on workspace specific service
  • [GEOS-8712] - GeoServer Developer documentation contains invalid links to contributor agreements
  • [GEOS-8713] - WFS 2.0 Transaction REPLACE operation not considered to be part of the "Transactional" service level
  • [GEOS-8721] - KML Module build gets stuck trying to reach to
  • [GEOS-8725] - Class java.util.Map$Entry is not whitelisted for XML parsing.
  • [GEOS-8741] - WCS 1.0.0 generates wrong links in GetCapabilities

New Feature

  • [GEOS-8698] - Windows Installer: Remove 'work' folder when uninstalling


  • [GEOS-8719] - Move MongoDB community module to extension
  • [GEOS-8729] - MongoDB extension descriptor missing in the main pom.xml
  • [GEOS-8730] - Update GeoServer HTML pages templates to include MongoDB extension


  • [GEOS-7235] - Raster styling: ChannelSelection overriding transparency
  • [GEOS-8613] - Add support for priority in control-flow bounded queues
  • [GEOS-8672] - Support PNG/JPEG WPS Downloads
  • [GEOS-8677] - Allow self joining GetFeature without aliases
  • [GEOS-8697] - Remove language warnings during Windows setup compilation
  • [GEOS-8718] - Remove weird logs during wps animation generation, when decoration is on

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