Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.13.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8264] - Response time of WMS 1.3.0 significantly higher than vs WMS 1.x.x on systems whose axis in north/east order
  • [GEOS-8550] - NullPointerException during WMS request of layer group when caching is enabled
  • [GEOS-8724] - Intermittent build failure in NamespacesWfsTest
  • [GEOS-8735] - Add WMS GetMap and GetFeatureInfo tests for App-Schema MongoDB integration
  • [GEOS-8739] - CatalogRepository cannot find a store by name, if the store has just been added
  • [GEOS-8755] - CatalogRepository should return a null on store not found, instead it throws a RuntimeException
  • [GEOS-8756] - [Importer] ImportJSONWriter failing due to missing consistency checks on "location" when "expand>0"
  • [GEOS-8758] - Layer page will only show up to 25 bands, regardless of the actual set of bands available
  • [GEOS-8760] - rule based sld error while publishing geopacakge
  • [GEOS-8765] - Undocumented GDAL 2.3.0 CSV output geometry column name change breaks WPSOgrTest
  • [GEOS-8768] - OpenLayers preview do not report exceptions "in image" anymore
  • [GEOS-8770] - REST: listing granules in a structured coverage view fails with exception
  • [GEOS-8771] - REST: cannot harvest files unless the input has "file://" prefix
  • [GEOS-8773] - Http based icons no longer get drawn
  • [GEOS-8779] - Allow for the FeatureSizeFeatureCollection to delegate
  • [GEOS-8785] - Cannot access or delete single granule via REST when using multi-coverage views
  • [GEOS-8789] - FileWrapperResourceTheoryTest fails if is relative
  • [GEOS-8790] - FeatureSizeFeatureCollection causes unoptimized FeatureCollection.size() calls in WFS requests
  • [GEOS-8794] - [Community Backup & Restore] Local Resource Finder on Restore does not check if File is null
  • [GEOS-8796] - GeorectifyCoverage fails to handle paths with spaces
  • [GEOS-8801] - InputLimitsTest ignores
  • [GEOS-8802] - CoverageViewTest intermittent failures
  • [GEOS-8804] - Multiple WCS Custom Dimension Subsets Not Supported
  • [GEOS-8805] - Reflected cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in wms
  • [GEOS-8808] - GeoServerSecuredPage might not redirect to login page in some obscure cases after Wicket upgrade
  • [GEOS-8811] - Upgrade Spring to 4.3.18.RELEASE
  • [GEOS-8814] - Intermittent build failure caused by H2 log race with fixture data directory deletion
  • [GEOS-8825] - Centralize Freemarker configuration

New Feature

  • [GEOS-8838] - Allow update of products by PUTting ZIP file too in OpenSearch EO REST API


  • [GEOS-8816] - Upgrade Apache POI dependencies
  • [GEOS-8817] - Upgrade jasypt dependency
  • [GEOS-8819] - Upgrade json-lib dependency to 2.4
  • [GEOS-8826] - Upgrade bouncycastle provider to 1.60
  • [GEOS-8844] - add a method on GridCoverageWrapper to return the wrapped GridCoverage


  • [GEOS-7686] - Add forceLabels=on in the style editor map legend
  • [GEOS-8311] - ImageMosaic should work when the images have no CRS information
  • [GEOS-8600] - GetTimeSeries slowness against multi-band coverage views
  • [GEOS-8692] - Add cache hit/miss and miss reason to the information captured by monitoring
  • [GEOS-8757] - [Importer] Multipart upload should lock data before it gets removed by the job cleaner
  • [GEOS-8823] - SLD service improvements
  • [GEOS-8839] - Remove GTOPO30 References from GeoServer

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