Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.12.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8491] - WCS scaleFactor and CRS lookups are not thread-safe
  • [GEOS-8550] - NullPointerException during WMS request of layer group when caching is enabled
  • [GEOS-8789] - FileWrapperResourceTheoryTest fails if is relative
  • [GEOS-8796] - GeorectifyCoverage fails to handle paths with spaces
  • [GEOS-8801] - InputLimitsTest ignores
  • [GEOS-8802] - CoverageViewTest intermittent failures
  • [GEOS-8805] - Reflected cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in wms
  • [GEOS-8808] - GeoServerSecuredPage might not redirect to login page in some obscure cases after Wicket upgrade
  • [GEOS-8811] - Upgrade Spring to 4.3.18.RELEASE
  • [GEOS-8825] - Centralize Freemarker configuration
  • [GEOS-8876] - CSS translator does not support mark offset/anchors based on expressions (but SLD does)


  • [GEOS-8816] - Upgrade Apache POI dependencies
  • [GEOS-8817] - Upgrade jasypt dependency
  • [GEOS-8819] - Upgrade json-lib dependency to 2.4
  • [GEOS-8826] - Upgrade bouncycastle provider to 1.60


  • [GEOS-8311] - ImageMosaic should work when the images have no CRS information
  • [GEOS-8630] - Allow the selection of a default geometry attribute in App-Schema
  • [GEOS-8737] - Add App-Schema integration tests checkign that spatial filters on nested properties ae delegated to the database

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