Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.14.0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7636] - GetLegendGraphic ignores the OnlineResource configured in the style for raster layers
  • [GEOS-7653] - Tiled layers preview does not use Proxy Base Url
  • [GEOS-8240] - Support X-Forwarded-Proto header in ResponseUtils.baseURL
  • [GEOS-8799] - WFS GetFeature response contains NULL namespaces for App-Schema complex features when multiple queries are used
  • [GEOS-8859] - Avoid overwriting files with master password recovery tool
  • [GEOS-8886] - GeoServer REST API Change due to JTS Upgrade
  • [GEOS-8893] - WCS 2.0 subsetting may return smaller images than expected by the standard
  • [GEOS-8895] - "Chunk [] is not a valid entry" error for the embedded GWC reload endpoint
  • [GEOS-8908] - Wrong Coverage Parameter Type for OVERVIEW POLICY causing Coverage layer to be deleted from the Catalog upon reload of configuration or restart.
  • [GEOS-8920] - [GeoFence] Make sure we convert blank username to ANY filter
  • [GEOS-8929] - featuretype.xml bindings reference com.vividsolutions.jts classes
  • [GEOS-8941] - [GeoFence Ext.] Add postgis-jdbc and hib-spatial-postgis jars to the package in order to allow people using DB instead of H2


  • [GEOS-8967] - Reduce verbosity of build output


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