Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.14.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8503] - GeoPackage tiles layer with global extents doesn't render
  • [GEOS-8869] - Cannot set default style using layer PUT
  • [GEOS-8909] - LayerGroup and Layer Names order in WMS 1.1.1 GetCapabilities document
  • [GEOS-8933] - Requesting workspaces triggers an NPE when proxy headers are used for the proxy URL
  • [GEOS-8943] - File chooser autocomplete list might contain duplicate elements
  • [GEOS-8944] - GWC fails to cache tiles if GeoFence with source IP driven rules are used for authentication
  • [GEOS-8950] - Several fixes regaring the Windows batch files
  • [GEOS-8953] - WFS shapefile and GeoJSON output can't handle geometries with measures
  • [GEOS-8958] - ClientStreamAbortedException logged at severe level when going through PNGJ encoder, should be at lower level (debug)
  • [GEOS-8964] - TurboJPEG write (via TurboJpegImageWorker) throw IllegalArgumentException when a colorExpansion occurs
  • [GEOS-8968] - Geoserver printing plugin (print-lib) leaves opened files
  • [GEOS-8972] - GS-GWC web GUI sets wrong EPSG:4326 coordinate axis order for topLeftCorner when saving a GridSet
  • [GEOS-8978] - gml:id is present on WFS 1.1.0 GML 3.1 geometry encoding
  • [GEOS-8985] - GeoTransform Attribute in NetCDF output may contain wrong coefficients
  • [GEOS-8990] - Mapbox vector tiles inconsistent rendering across zoom levels
  • [GEOS-8991] - WCS 2.0 should return an InvalidSubsetting exception when requested out of time/elevation/custom range values
  • [GEOS-8994] - Complex features nested attributes not correctly detected
  • [GEOS-8996] - CoverageView setup fails if one of the source bands has an indexed color model
  • [GEOS-8999] - App-Schema postgis online build is failling on GeoJsonOutputFormatWfsTest
  • [GEOS-9016] - RD (epsg:28922) to epsg:3857 (Google) reprojection cuts of map(tiles)

New Feature

  • [GEOS-8934] - Extracting min/max values only for interval dimensions


  • [GEOS-8772] - Add documentation about the :where_clause: place holder in SQL views \ virtual tables


  • [GEOS-8935] - Introduce new coordinates formatting options for WFS layers
  • [GEOS-8976] - Add a purge="metadata|all" parameter to the structured coverage granules removal REST endpoint

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