Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.13.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8503] - GeoPackage tiles layer with global extents doesn't render
  • [GEOS-8972] - GS-GWC web GUI sets wrong EPSG:4326 coordinate axis order for topLeftCorner when saving a GridSet
  • [GEOS-8978] - gml:id is present on WFS 1.1.0 GML 3.1 geometry encoding
  • [GEOS-8985] - GeoTransform Attribute in NetCDF output may contain wrong coefficients
  • [GEOS-8990] - Mapbox vector tiles inconsistent rendering across zoom levels
  • [GEOS-8991] - WCS 2.0 should return an InvalidSubsetting exception when requested out of time/elevation/custom range values
  • [GEOS-8996] - CoverageView setup fails if one of the source bands has an indexed color model
  • [GEOS-9003] - WMS KML error using CQL filter with a layer group
  • [GEOS-9007] - KML ignores sortBy parameter when querying records
  • [GEOS-9027] - MongoDB complex store iterator enters in an infinite loop if no ID is defined
  • [GEOS-9029] - NullPointerException when using env() function with LIKE operator in CSS filters
  • [GEOS-9039] - Upload sld style on geoserver of version 1.1.0 results in content replaced with StyledLayerDescriptorImpl
  • [GEOS-9044] - Can't modify existing GWC blobstore via UI without renaming
  • [GEOS-9046] - Cannot read SLD file from behind an apache webserver
  • [GEOS-9062] - NetCDF output data packing does not consider all slices when computing dataset statistics
  • [GEOS-9063] - WCS DescribeCoverage is non schema compliant when publishing coverage with time and start/stop/interval setup
  • [GEOS-9070] - OpenLayers2 preview does not trigger automatically on IE8


  • [GEOS-9017] - Excessive number of coordinates used in GWC envelope reprojection
  • [GEOS-9040] - Move the GeoServer ENV Parametrization documentation to a more general Section
  • [GEOS-9061] - WCSTestSupport eagerly loads a WCS 2.0 XML schema even if not used

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