Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.15-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8786] - Test Connection button in LDAP Authentication Provider throws Wicket exception
  • [GEOS-8851] - importer uploads cleanup task deletes raster files for existing installs
  • [GEOS-8868] - Synchronize user/group service at Authentication Key token gives an error page
  • [GEOS-8869] - Cannot set default style using layer PUT
  • [GEOS-8870] - Problem when try change Workspace name using API Rest
  • [GEOS-8945] - Missing Spatial Index in OSEO Setup Instructions
  • [GEOS-8949] - Allow NetCDF unit library configuration, and fix regression with some outputs caused by unit library upgrade
  • [GEOS-8962] - Add support for image/vnd.jpeg-png8
  • [GEOS-8971] - Use standard MapBox Vector Tiles mime type
  • [GEOS-8974] - Vector tiles ring orientations do not match the latest MVT spec
  • [GEOS-8990] - Mapbox vector tiles inconsistent rendering across zoom levels
  • [GEOS-9011] - KML and GeoRSS links lose some WMS GetMap parameters
  • [GEOS-9023] - SLDService range rules building does not follow RangedClassifier specs, breaking quantile classification
  • [GEOS-9026] - SLDService built-in color ramps become the more dark, the more classes there are in the ramp
  • [GEOS-9038] - SLDService interval ramps can miss high values on a subsampled classification
  • [GEOS-9044] - Can't modify existing GWC blobstore via UI without renaming
  • [GEOS-9046] - Cannot read SLD file from behind an apache webserver
  • [GEOS-9049] - Disable spatialite community module pending GeoTools support
  • [GEOS-9066] - Renaming workspace after "reload" can cause silent rename failure
  • [GEOS-9080] - Missing default styles are not going to be re-added on reload

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9028] - Expose SLDService classification methods for raster data too
  • [GEOS-9033] - Allow configuring services on a per layer basis
  • [GEOS-9082] - Add Java 11 as supported platform


  • [GEOS-8946] - Resolve format problems in community modules
  • [GEOS-8955] - Disable docs for commented out community modules
  • [GEOS-8957] - Resolve remaining doc generation warnings
  • [GEOS-8961] - Upgrade netcdf dependencies
  • [GEOS-8966] - Suppress false positive for CVE-2018-13661


  • [GEOS-8875] - Implement FIDs for Mapbox vector tiles
  • [GEOS-9009] - Allow opensearch-eo to publish multiple layers per collection
  • [GEOS-9012] - Allow OpenSearch REST created mosaics to use either time as an instant or time as a range
  • [GEOS-9018] - Autocomplete support for SLD 1.0 in style editor
  • [GEOS-9020] - Vector tiles: clip before running topology preserving simplification
  • [GEOS-9024] - Expose equal area classification method in SLDService
  • [GEOS-9032] - Use OGC scale computation for vector tiles
  • [GEOS-9034] - Have SLDService raster classification work against large raster datasets
  • [GEOS-9045] - Vector tiles module: avoid using TopologyPreservingSimplifier for lines
  • [GEOS-9065] - Better error reporting when specifying a non existing attribute in classify resource of sldService
  • [GEOS-9068] - Allow SLDService to limit classification to a given number of standard deviations from the average

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