Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.14.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8486] - Can not create new user with REST API
  • [GEOS-8754] - OpenLayers 3 preview fails to display projected maps in WMS 1.3
  • [GEOS-8913] - Layer Preview URL contained a potentially malicious String
  • [GEOS-8926] - Parentheses/Bracketing not maintained when transforming filters into SQL
  • [GEOS-8970] - WMS GetCapabilities throws ConcurrentModificationException
  • [GEOS-8988] - WMTS tile requests fail with "RequestRejectedException: The request was rejected because the URL was not normalized"
  • [GEOS-9022] - geoserver Style page, after "expand" button, html breaks
  • [GEOS-9057] - ClientStreamAbortedException logged at SEVERE level, should be at lower level - imageio-ext
  • [GEOS-9099] - Netcdf extension misses the JNA jars, prevents server start up
  • [GEOS-9109] - Styles referring to relative icons in subdirectories fail to change workspace
  • [GEOS-9111] - WMTS capabilities generation fails when using a "style group"
  • [GEOS-9119] - Error creating bean with name 'gwcBlobStore'
  • [GEOS-9120] - Assorted issues when using WMTS restful bindings in virtual workspace services
  • [GEOS-9123] - WMTS capabilities backlinks miss workspace qualification when proxy base URL is set
  • [GEOS-9124] - ResourcePool can NPE while looking for WMS/WMTS cascaded layers
  • [GEOS-9148] - WCS 1.0.0 GetCoverage request NPE for bbox that doesn't intersect the coverage


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