Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.15.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9296] - Fix race condition in audit logger initialization
  • [GEOS-9357] - Credentials for WMTS service are not used
  • [GEOS-9369] - Declared SRS reprojection is not handled on AppSchema Datastore layers
  • [GEOS-9382] - GeoServer fails to truncate tiles caches with parameters
  • [GEOS-9420] - GeoFenceAccessManager leaks HTTP clients

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9327] - ncWMS getTimeSeries supporting time list and time range with period
  • [GEOS-9330] - ncWMS getTimeSeries: Exclude nodata pixels from results so that they don't ruin the plotted chart.


  • [GEOS-9073] - Encoding issues with the importer plugin
  • [GEOS-9307] - Geoserver is using a version of Xstream that has known vulnerabilities
  • [GEOS-9332] - Integration test for WFSDataStore when publishing a layer using WFS 2.0 strategy
  • [GEOS-9350] - Upgrade Jackson to 2.9.10
  • [GEOS-9366] - Update documentation related to Property Listing
  • [GEOS-9372] - Community Keycloack plugin doc is incomplete
  • [GEOS-9435] - [community - oauth2] Include basic auth header for Oauth2 token instrospection requests

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