Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.17.0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5188] - LegendDecoration does not respect target size
  • [GEOS-9389] - New community module: importer database context storage
  • [GEOS-9522] - SldService generate overlapping rules
  • [GEOS-9537] - Restore plugin is not able to correctly restore styles anymore
  • [GEOS-9551] - Rendering Transformation can cause bad rendering on reprojection to 3995
  • [GEOS-9559] - GeofenceAccessManager fails to cut geometries in coverages
  • [GEOS-9566] - Migrate to repository
  • [GEOS-9567] - [Backup/Restore] Rest Controller not able to backup secured resources


  • [GEOS-9512] - RasterDownload on Heterogeneous CRS Mosaic: avoid reprojection of granules having same CRS as the target CRS.
  • [GEOS-9543] - GeoServer REST documentation: Parser error duplicated mapping key

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