Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.16.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9583] - DownloadProcess can return data with inaccurate bboxes when querying heterogeneous CRS mosaics
  • [GEOS-9632] - Mongo-db plugin zip miss a dependency jar
  • [GEOS-9637] - Misplaced labels in Cascaded WMS Remote Style and Formats UI
  • [GEOS-9641] - Windows startup.bat won't auto-detect Java in path with spaces
  • [GEOS-9656] - JSON-LD validation will not try to validate the entire template
  • [GEOS-9658] - SecuredFeatureSource incorrectly logs when requesting ComplexFeatures with a sld style

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9570] - Allow the possibility to customize the GeoJSON GetFeatureInfo output format using free marker templates
  • [GEOS-9599] - Support GeoTIFFs based Vertical Grid Shift on WPS Download
  • [GEOS-9625] - Add filtering support in json-ld module


  • [GEOS-9650] - Update spring-security to 5.1.11 and spring-framework to 5.1.16
  • [GEOS-9651] - Update PostgreSQL driver to 42.2.14


  • [GEOS-9561] - Add rest parameter to update native bbox when harvesting or deleting granules from image mosaic
  • [GEOS-9630] - Add details on store configuration in App-Schema Mongo integration doc

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