Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.16.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6467] - UI bug in disabling tile caching for layers
  • [GEOS-8569] - JSON encoding on NaN values fails
  • [GEOS-9266] - Geopackage raster table with dots in the name cannot be added
  • [GEOS-9452] - GeoJSON encoder fails when a Borehole has a nested LogElement with a null geometry
  • [GEOS-9482] - Nearest Match NPE if source database table is empty
  • [GEOS-9539] - URLKvpParser encodes urls also when not needed
  • [GEOS-9622] - NullPointerException when using WMS vendor parameter "CLIP" on an ImageMosaic based layer
  • [GEOS-9629] - Legend Graphic fails on first visit to publish tab on a new layer publish
  • [GEOS-9638] - Duplicate SRS in Native SRS List selection on WFS 2.0.0 layer
  • [GEOS-9639] - Add OGC URN synatax support for Native SRS selection
  • [GEOS-9649] - NullPointerException for geoJSON output format with ComplexFeatures if some feature misses geometry value
  • [GEOS-9654] - Layer preview layer count and paging off base when secured layers are not visible
  • [GEOS-9655] - WMTS layer configuration page doesn't show all the native srs in getCapabilties document
  • [GEOS-9668] - UniqueProcess call against a JDBC store does not result in a "select distinct" anymore
  • [GEOS-9670] - SHAPE-ZIP output format fails if input features contain a "MULTIPOLYGON EMPTY" geometry
  • [GEOS-9678] - SldService numberFormatException if percentages true with customClasses
  • [GEOS-9680] - WMTS othersSrs always add EPSG:4326 and shows wrong CRS code
  • [GEOS-9682] - GetFeatureInfo on raster layers ignores rendering transformations



  • [GEOS-9696] - Add documentation regarding JsonPointerFunction support

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