Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.17.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9075] - Cannot use jdbcMultipleValue mappings in app-schema plugin for Oracle data stores
  • [GEOS-9545] - Web Resource Page fails to load with WicketRuntimeException when a resource contains : or ~ in its name
  • [GEOS-9633] - Pregeneralized DataStore and Vector-tile
  • [GEOS-9639] - Add OGC URN synatax support for Native SRS selection
  • [GEOS-9646] - INSPIRE validation get errors of GetMapRequest parameters
  • [GEOS-9667] - GDAL Store memory management
  • [GEOS-9704] - Support multiband output in Jiffle
  • [GEOS-9724] - Test failings in wfs-templating module
  • [GEOS-9739] - Features-templating backwards mapping not working for geoJSON INSPIRE format with "_" separator

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9688] - Option to shorten the hostname in a node identifier
  • [GEOS-9709] - SldService, add an endpoint that returns supported classification methods
  • [GEOS-9735] - Wfs-templating, add @context validation for json-ld output



  • [GEOS-9696] - Add documentation regarding JsonPointerFunction support
  • [GEOS-9703] - Add support for StandardDeviation classification for vector data in SldService module
  • [GEOS-9716] - Add Simple features output formats support for App-Schema complex features
  • [GEOS-9717] - Disabling Web Admin Password Autocomplete documentation
  • [GEOS-9731] - Wfs-templating allow Iterating Builder to handle also json array without source
  • [GEOS-9733] - Importer triggers a directory scan even when importing a single file (very time consuming on dir with many files)
  • [GEOS-9737] - Rename wfs-templating module
  • [GEOS-9738] - Add possibility to customize attributeName separator for GeoJSON INSPIRE output

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