Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.18.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9689] - WFS-NG Other SRS in URN OGC format are not matched by WMS Request SRS
  • [GEOS-9729] - WMS XML Post request fails with Workspace qualifier in url
  • [GEOS-9741] - Style editor line numbers overlap with floating validate, save, apply cancel buttons
  • [GEOS-9750] - WPS processes fail with missing csv dependencies
  • [GEOS-9754] - Not consistent array element enumeration in flat geojson output format
  • [GEOS-9758] - CRS Panel overrides URN SRS format with EPSG:XXXX format
  • [GEOS-9802] - macOS 11 compatibility



  • [GEOS-9733] - Importer triggers a directory scan even when importing a single file (very time consuming on dir with many files)
  • [GEOS-9753] - Features-templating plug-in allows env parametrization on vendorOptions
  • [GEOS-9765] - Add IP Address range to GeoFence UI
  • [GEOS-9773] - Allow internal GWC to tile WMS requests that don't contain TILED=TRUE in the request parameters
  • [GEOS-9780] - status page shows (read-only) loopback partitions

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